To give you the most beneficial care possible, I combine relaxation massage with therapeutic techniques, so even a pain relief treatment feels deeply rejuvenating and restful. Over my 24 years of practice, by integrating more than a dozen modalities, I've developed abundant resources that will help you relieve pain and restore your balance and vitality, recover from injury and trauma, and handle life's stresses.

Each body is unique. That calls for tailoring each session to fit your specific, changing needs. As I combine massage techniques, you and I discover together what works best for you in that moment, making each session highly effective.


A Few Kind Words...

“I was met with compassion and masterful hands. A great gift on any day.” ~ Janice O, Medford, OR

“Peggy is an awesome massage therapist! Super intuitive & tuned in – Treat yourself! She's a real healer – the real deal!" ~ Jeff C, Ashland, OR

“Peggy has a capacity to listen to my body like no other massage therapist I have ever worked with. She addresses each area with precision, works at the perfect depth and uses just the right amount of pressure to release all of my tension—and she does it in a profoundly nurturing way. She has worked with me to identify and correct postural and movement patterns I had that were causing carpal tunnel syndrome and exacerbating past neck and back injuries. Working with her has brought me so much relief! She brings a tremendous presence to her work, and intuitively knows how to unwind and unravel my toughest physical, emotional and energetic knots! Her massage is truly a gift, and I feel very fortunate to be able to receive it.” ~ Shannon H, Seattle, WA

“Peggy's massage is a multi-level healing experience. She understands the mind-body relationship and is as sensitive to the client's emotional needs as to the physical.” ~ Linda B, Portland, OR

“A session with Peggy is time I treasure. I leave feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to meet daily stressors with a deeper sense of well-being.” ~ Ruth S, Overland Park, KS


OR License #20444

NPI #1558732925